Navarr Barnier (rescye) wrote in pokequest,
Navarr Barnier

Idea Implementation Idea: Traveling in Groups

Thats right everyone, and Idea from Bulbacast, and more information about it from Pie herself (A Bulbagarden Moderator), the idea to implement Traveling in Groups is under construction, and may be added to the Protocol shortly.

This idea, circles around a couple of concepts, given to me by Pie.

  • After Meeting Up with People, Having the Ability to Join them in a Party.

  • One Person walks and the others follow.

  • Talking In-Party (another friggin window to implement in the Client :p)

  • Check out Each Others Stats freely

  • more information as it is developed...

We hope you enjoy the thought of this new idea!

Tags: client implementations, ideas, parties, stats
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