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Navarr Barnier

Protocol Cheat Sheet & Protocol Documentation

New Development Page: Protocol Cheat Sheet

        We are now working on a new page that is being added to the website, known as the Protocol Cheat Sheet. This new page gives you an even easier view as to the way that the PoKéQuesT Protocol works.

        Soon we will be adding JavaScript to this that will open up a small window when you click on each specific protocol text. This little window will give you details on the Code sent to the server/client. It will be as specific as the actual protocol documentation, but in an easier to read format.

Editing Protocol Documentation's Writing Draft

        We will soon be working on editing the Protocol Documentation's Writing Draft, to include new Protocol's that are under development (which may be added to a JavaScript TODO at the top of the page) and to remove the JavaScript navigation. It appears that this is actually giving us more problems then it need be, so, we are going to remove it, and edit it up a bit. Probably much like how the W3C shows their documents. We will more then likely be editing it in that format.

        I'll bring news to you on how the PoKéQuesT Alpha-Test Server is going, as well as give you the URL to where you can see all the edits that are going into it, as long as it is alright with the Head of Server Development, gnarfel.
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